LLSevents Traditional, Digital and Event Marketing

LLSevents is the result of moving from on stage to a behind the scenes career and a move from NYC to Vermont. As a performing artist living in LA and New York City, touring the continental USA , I performed on the most famous stages in America including Broadway, Radio City, Lincoln Center, The Kennedy Center . As a result, I have worked work with many of the world's best production staffs and marketing teams. A truly amazing hand-ons learning opportunity.

LLSevents was a natural evolve from a performing career to a behind the scene career of marketing and promotion. Technology now offers us a gateway to the world and unlimited marketing opportunities through the internet.

A Different Approach

I approach each client as unique, each have your own story to tell and your own audience. That story is told through branding and the audience reached through marketing/promotion. How is that story told and how is the appropriate audience determined then reached? Through traditional marketing or digital channels, visually or content driven?

LLSevents is positioned to escort you through the process for a seamless integration of on and offline marketing.By creating, developing, implementing and managing your company's marketing and promotion, we can create a seamless on and offline marketing program. No Line Marketing.